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So you’re planning to get divorced in Rhode Island, or maybe you’re just thinking about it. …

A cousin sent me this photo, titled “Family Photo”…except no one knows who any of the people in this photo are. There was no annotation on the back, no note, nothing.

We all have old photos, and they’re around here somewhere … in a storage bin, in a shoe box, or in a photo album in the basement. Maybe some photos are on your computer or phone, or floating in the Cloud.

Think of all your old photos and how they…

Governor, I ask you to declare April 25 to be Parental Alienation Awareness Day in the state of Rhode Island.

Gov. McKee: As a father like me, you appreciate, I’m sure, that the worst tragedy for a parent is the death of their child.

The terrible inverse of that experience is being dead to your own children.

By that, I mean living each day without seeing your children or hearing…

Sen. Kamala Harris and (L to R): son Cole Emhoff, husband Douglas Emhoff, and Ella Emhoff

As media attention on Kamala Harris intensifies, there’s potential for a misunderstanding about an aspect of her personal life — one concerning her family.

Harris’s husband, attorney Douglas Emhoff, was formerly married for 25 years to film producer Kerstin Emhoff. They had two children: son Cole and daughter Ella.


There’s a fine art to child abuse — that is, to abusing a child in such a way as to get away with it, in the eyes of law enforcement and the courts.

Child abusers of the amateur class lack finesse: They hit, they slap, and they push down stairs…

I come neither to praise nor to bury “Revolution 9”: only to argue for its inevitability.

The Beatles’ eight-minute sound collage “Revolution 9” is an easy target for mockery. Fab Four fans and detractors alike intone the looped opening voice Number nine… number nine… as a shorthand way of saying that here, the brilliant Beatles went too far or just plain went wrong.

I happen to…

You’re watching TV, scrolling through social media, reading the papers, or engaged in a debate, and someone says something that is:

  • provocative or inflammatory
  • racist, extremist, or sacrilegious
  • a lie

Why did they say that?

Tempting as it may be to answer “They’re crazy” or “They’re ignorant,” there may be…

In the conversations around the impeachment hearings in Washington, DC, I hear some people saying that the term bribery or extortion should be used instead of quid pro quo, since most people don’t know or understand Latin.

I can see that: Not everyone is an attorney or a judge, and…

Me, interviewing John Updike in summer 1994, at Sanders Theatre, Harvard University.

I’m staring at a bookcase full of books.

It’s the early 1980s, I’m 16 years old, and I’m visiting the house of my best friend from high school, who I’ll call Conor.

I’m staring because the books are all different, but they’re all by the same person. At 16, I…

Once upon a time, this signpost was a tree: that was back when there were no signposts and only trees. There were no buildings or traffic lights or cars, and every road was not a road but was simply land covered in either grass or dirt, and thus was every inch of land in Rhode Island: grass, dirt, trees, rocks, sand, or swamp.

Meanwhile, approximately 790 kilometers directly south, an Italian named Cristoforo Colombo and his ships sailed in approach of an island in the Caribbean Sea. …


is the work of Tim Lemire, artist and published author.

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